Dave's Stagger Lee Database
Total: 324 Stagger Lees
ALLAIR, JOHNStack-O-LeeLarkspur1988slow, then upbeat elaborate piano background with vocals from Van Morrison's pianist. Nice.CD
AMEN CORNER, THEOutro: Stag-O-Lee (live)If Paradise Was Half As Nice1969barely recognizable, this is a live recording with enthusiastic music and someone yelling "stag-o-lee" several times. the band features Andy Fairweather-Low CDLogan - Price
ANDREWS, BENStagoleeGallows Pole2001nice take on John Hurt's song. good energy, nice playing. the cd also includes a spectacular 11-minute version of Gallows Pole.CDTrad. J. Hurt
ARCARI, DAVEStagoleeVol. 1: Something Old, Something Borrowed2006a great voice and some nice acoustic guitar from this Glasgow bluesman. fantastic stuff.CDTrad./Hurt
ARCHIBALDStack-A-Lee, Parts 1&2Carnival Day - Essential New Orleans R&B1950first mainstream hit, with a long instrumental endingCD
ASBELL, PAULStack-A-LeeSteel String Americana2002the artist credits the lyrics to the "Louisiana side of the family." there's a bulldog, a broken glass and the devil. good version with some really nice acoustic guitar.CDTrad.
BACHELOR'S TWO, THEStag-O-Leesingleno info about this one - probably early or mid-60s. Lloyd Price's song with some fun organ playing.VinylLogan - Price
BACKDROPS, THEStagger LeeDelta End200360s-garage style (Troggs, etc) Japanese version. the lyrics are a mystery to me but they definitely yell "Stagger Lee" quite a bit. fun!CD
BAKER, MICKEYStack O'LeeBlues and Jazz Guitar1977nice folk/blues version from half of "Mickey and Sylvia"Vinyl
BALLERO, JIMMYStagger LeeAnd the Renegade Band1992not terribly exciting version with a long sax soloCD
BAMAStackerleePrison Songs V. 1: Murderous Home1947very creepy a cappella version from inside a prisonCD
BANJO DAN & THE MID-NITE PLOYBOYSStagoleeSome Rust, Runs Good2000bluegrass version of Lloyd Price's version. good fun.CDTrad., adapted by Banjo Dan
BARNES, JIMMYBand Introduction (Stagger Lee)Soul Deeper - Live at the Basement2000eight + minutes, with much of the time taken up with band introductions over Stagger Lee music. Barnes eventually sings the Lloyd Price song.CDLogan - Price
BARNES, JIMMYStagger LeeSoul Deep1995uneventful live version by this Australian singer.CDLogan - Price
BARR, RICO & Jump 'n' Jive ReviewStagger LeeThis Is It2008perfectly bland swing/wedding band version.CD
BARTHOLOMEW, DAVESon of Stagger LeeNew Orleans Big Beat1993Recorded between 1993 & 1997. The story doesn't have much to do with the original.CD
BASSHOLESStack O LeeThe Secret Strength of Depression1997live at a radio station. Blistering guitar.CD
BASSHOLESStack O'LeeOut in the Treetops2003strange, high pitched vocals - guitar and percussionCD
BASSHOLESStack O'Lee and Billy LyonsBlue Roots1992raw, lo-fi guitar and vocals version. Sort of White Stripes-esque. AwesomeCD
BEANLANDStagger LeeBeanland1990nice rock version, good piano piece at its coreCD
BECHET, SIDNEYOld Stack O'Lee BluesThe Best of Sidney Bechet1946instrumental jazz versionCD
BECKStagoleeAvalon Blues - Tribute2001tribute to Mississippi John HurtCD
BERMUDA TRIANGELStagger Leesingle1977Female German group (German spelling of "triangle"). A disco version!Vinyl
BILLY'S BANDStagger LeeBeing Tom Waits2002rap version, more or less inspired by Nick Cave's version, by this Russian band with a Tom Waits fixation.CD
BLACK FURIES, THEStagger LeeDeath Trip Saturday Night2005a San Francisco-based punk band. this version bears no resemblance to any other I've heard; the lyrics mention something about a Cadillac and a "killer in the night," but I don't hear much of the Stagger Lee story in here.CDBlack Furies
BLACK KEYS, THEStack Shot BillyRubber Factory2004guitar and drums, heavy sludge blues versionCD
BLIND PETE & PARTNERStagoleeMississippi Blues & Gospel Field Recordings 1934-19421934poor sound quality acoustic blues.CDTrad.
BLOCK, RORYStagger LeeWomen in (E)motion Festival1988live acoustic, pretty much the Mississippi John Hurt version. CD
BLOCK, RORY & STEFAN GROSSMANStagoleeCountry Blues Guitar1967very nice version of the John Hurt song.CD
BLONDO, LUCKYStagger LeeJe Roule a Cote de mes Pneus1979it's in French! high energy version with back-up vocals by the Jordanairres.VinylTrad. arr. Blondo
BLOOMFIELD, MIKEStagger LeeI'm With You Always1977live at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, CA. beautiful acoustic guitar and a nice version.CDTraditional
BLUE RIDER TRIOStagoleeHarp, Steel and Guts2000acoustic blues, based on John Hurt.CD
BLUEGRASS ALLIANCE, THEStagoleeNewgrass1972acoustic bluegrass versionVinyl
BOHEMIAN KNUCKLEBOOGIEStagger LeeShipwrecked Blues2006not really sure what to make of this. a fun and bluesy little song that once makes reference to maybe "swagger" lee. hard to tell. fun song, has little to do with stagger lee.CD
BOOKBINDER, ROYStack O' LeeRagtime Millionaire1977new orleans "lion's club/delion's blood" version.CDTrad.
BOONE, PATStagger LeeGreat! Great! Great!1960better than expected straightforward version of Lloyd Price's hit.CDLogan - Price
BOYO, BILLYStagolee StyleeZim Zim1983instrumental reggae from this "sinjay" musician. not sure why it has this name, but it does. Billy Boyo was maybe 14 when it was recorded.CDBilly Theophilus Rowe (Billy Boyo)
BRIDGES, CURLEYStagger LeeKeys to the Blues1998fairly straightforward blues version, piano based.CD
BROKE TOE REZOStagger LeeI Shoulda Gone to the Hospital2001very nice seven+ minute delta blues version. the liner notes refer to "the infamous Texas tough guy."CDBroke Toe Rezo
BROMBERG, DAVIDMrs. Delion's LamentReckless Abandon1977jazzy, dixieland version. Stag takes over hell in this version. CD
BROUSSARD, MIKE & NITE TRAINStagger LeeSouth Louisiana Style Music V. 11991weak jazzy cover of Lloyd Price's version. Uninspired. CD
BROWN, HYLO & the Bluegrass Cut-UpsStack-O-LeeLegends & Tall Tales1967found this on a compilation called "Grassroots Bluegrass: Legends and Lost Classics." short and low-key bluegrass versionCD
BROWN, JAMESStagger LeeThe Godfather Returnes1967Lloyd Price's song given the James Brown treatment. good fun.CDLogan - Price
BROZMAN, BOBStack O Lee AlohaA Truckload of Blues1992acoustic instrumental CD
BURKE, FARO & THE DEALERSStack O LeeRoving Gambler1960not sure about the year. same as the Bob Jones version. by that i mean it's the same song.CD
BURKS, DONNIEStagger LeeThe Swingin' Sound of Soul1969good late-60s soul version.VinylLogan - Price
BURNSIDE, R.L.StaggoleeWell Well Well1986acoustic live version, mostly spoken CD
BYRD, JONATHANStackaleeThe Waitress2004slow, acoustic version CD
CALLOWAY, CABStack O'Lee BluesThe Early Years1931CD
CAMPI, RAY & THE RHYTHM ROCKERSStack-A-LeeRockabilly Blues!2006very solid rockabilly version with some spoken/sung processed vocals. not bad at all. CDPublic Domain - Paulus
CANNON, ACEStagger LeeBack to the Beginning2002instrumental saxophone version CD
CAVE, NICKStagger LeeMurder Ballads1996a particularly violent version CD
CEPHAS & WIGGINSStack and the DevilSomebody Told the Truth2002the story is mostly about Stack arguing with the devil. Fantastic. CD
CEPHAS & WIGGINSStaggerleeDog Days of August1984nice piano/harmonica version CD
CHAPARALLS, THEStag-O-LeeTimes to Remember1967ultra-obscure garage rock band (with trumpet!) from Pennsylvania. most of the band was under age 18, and the kid playing trumpet was only 13!VinylLogan - Price
CITY LIMITS, THEStagger Leesingle1966straightforward cover, nothing special.VinylLogan - Price
CLASH, THEWrong 'Em BoyoLondon Calling1979by the classic british band. A cover of The Rulers (rocksteady) CD
CLAYTON, PAULStackoleeBloody Ballads1956short, acoustic folk version with some fun lyrics about the bartender having to clean up the mess. The vocals remind me of Pete Seeger.Vinyl
CLEAR CREEK SINGERSStagoleeUp the Creek (aka Album 2)this is probably from the mid/late 1960s. the liner notes indicate that this was some sort of college band, but there isn't much info. multiple singers, song set in New Orleans' "Lion's Club."Vinyl
CLUTCHTight Like ThatClutch1995not a cover - it's a song that mentions Stagger Lee as the traditional "bad man" archetype. the lyric is "Stagger Lees everywhere, trying to bring me doom, oh no." really cool to hear a reference like this.CD
COFFEE BAR SKIFFLERS, THEBad Man Stack-O-LeeSkiffle Session EP1958good fun skiffle version - "I'm looking for you bad man Stack-O-Lee!"CDMcDevitt
COLYER, KEN (Ken Colyer's Skiffle Group)Stack-O-Lee BluesGreat British Skiffle comp.1955gentle acoustic version with guitar, bass, banjo and washboard.CDTrad.
COMPTON BROTHERSStagger LeeHaunted House Charlie Brown1970slightly countrified version of Lloyd Price's hit.CDLogan - Price
CORTEZ, DAVE "BABY"Stagger LeeTweetie Pie1965great fun. An instrumental cover of the Lloyd Price song done by what sounds like a roller skating rink organ. CD
COSMOS, THEStag-O-LeeThe Cosmos1991alternates between a retro and hard rock sound. pretty dreadful.CDLogan - Price
CRANE, TERRYStagger Leesinglerockabilly version. no info.VinylLogan - Price
CRAZY ROCKERSStagger Leesingle1983from the Netherlands!VinylLogan - Price
CROUCH END ALL-STARS (w/IAN CHRISTIE)Ol' Stack-O-Lee BluesSunday Best1986pleasant enough jazz version with some nice clarinet.Vinyl
CURTIS, LUCIOUS & FORD, WILLIEStagoleeDeep River of Song - Mississippi1940 CD
DAOBOY BOB AND SIDEKICKSStaggerLee Redux Y2K (School Shootin' Blues)On My Way2007Very nice acoustic and harmonica version that uses Stagger Lee as a jumping off point to talk about school shootings.CDDaoboy Bob
DEALS GONE BADStack-O-LeeEverything Off-Beat V. 21999ok ska version. CD
DEAN, TERRYStagger LeeGo!! Going!! Gone!!1965standard Lloyd Price cover from this Australian singer.CDLogan - Price
DETROIT JUNIORStaggerlee8 Hands on 88 Keys2001nice piano blues version CD
DEVLIN, JOHNNYStagger Lee7" single1965probably early 1960s, can't say for sure. horns and strings in this cover of Lloyd Price's hit, with some entertaining spoken sections over music.VinylTrad.
DIAMOND, NEILStagger LeeSeptember Morn1979this is really, really bad. Way too smooth (bordering on easy listening) with a hint of a reggae beat!"CD
DIONStagger LeeLovers Who Wander1962pretty basic Lloyd Price cover.CDLogan - Price
DODDS, JOHNNYStack O'Lee BluesQuadromania1929jazz - clarinet and vocals to the tune of "Frankie and Johnny." CD
DOMINO, FATSStack & BillyLet's Play1959in this version, Stack accuses Billy of killing his best friend.VinylDomino - Bartholomew
DOMINO, FATSStagger Lee (live)Live in Montreux1973straightforward cover of Lloyd Price.CDLogan - Price
DON & THE GOODTIMESStagger LeeWhere the Action Is!1966Northwest/Seattle garage band version of Lloyd Price's hit. Plenty of energy. CD
DONEGAN, LONNIEStackaleeShowcase1956skiffle version. Somewhat reminiscent of rock island line.CD
DOUBLE DAGGER"Stagger Lee"Records Toresim2009Thrill Jockey Records 2009 Record Store Day compilation. Some post-hardcore shouting and whatnot. I have no idea what the song is about but I did hear the singer shout "Stagger Lee" a few times.Vinyl
DOUCETTE, ALFRED (BIG CHIEF ALFRED DOUCETTE)Stagger LeeRollin' Wit Da Legends & Marie Laveau2007New Orleans-style cover of Lloyd Price's hit.CDLogan - Price
DOWN HOME BOYS - REED, LONG CLEVE & HULL, LITTLE HARVEYOriginal Stack O'Lee BluesDown in the Basement - Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove of Vintage 78s1927no reference to the hatCD
DOWNCHILD (aka DOWNCHILD BLUES BAND)Stagger LeeSo Far - A Collection of Our Best1977cover of Lloyd Price's hit with horns and piano. nothing special.VinylLogan - Price
DR. HOOKStagoleeVintage Yearsgroovy white-guy funk with typically entertaining Shel Silverstein lyricsCDBaxter Taylor/Shel Silverstein
DR. JOHNStack-A-LeeDr. John's Gumbo1972CD
DR. JOHNStakaleeN'Awlinz: Dis Dat or D'Udda2004mixes up the stack story with stack o'dollars. An original story.CD
DUFFEY, DOUGStackoleeTraditional2011dr. john-esque version. very nice, and the rest of the album (traditional folk/blues) is a lot of fun.CD
Dukes, Little LauraStack O'Lee BluesTennessee Blues Vol. 11972a 1972 recording (on a 1975 compilation) of Little Laura Dukes singing Lloyd Price's song with a solo ukelele. great fun.VinylLogan - Price
DUPREE, CHAMPION JACKStack-O-LeeBlues From the Gutter1958CD
DYLAN, BOBStack A LeeWorld Gone Wrong1993based on Frank Hutchinson's versionCD
EALEY, THEODISStagger LeeRaw1998solid electric guitar/band blues version.CDLogan - Price
EDDEN, AUDLEYYou Better Move On/Stagalee MedleySponger Moo1984version from the Bahamas. not so good.CD
EDEGRAN ORCHESTRA & NEW ORLEANS JAZZ LADIESStack O'LeeShim Sham Shimmy Dance1990fun jazz/big band version with female vocals - tune is from Frankie & JohnnyCD
EDWARDS, CLIFF (aka Ukulele Ike)Stack O' Lee Parts 1 & 2I'm A Bear in a Lady's Boudoir1928this version, set in St. Louis, talks about the fight between two "colored" men. Stack is sentenced to 69 years in jail. Cliff Edwards recorded Stack O' Lee in two parts - at the end of the first part he directs the listener to turn the record over to hear the rest of the story.CDEdwards
EDWARDS, DAVID "HONEYBOY"StagoleeDelta Bluesman1942short track with repeating lyrics ("stagolee, stagolee, stagolee was a man," etc.)CD
ELLINGTON, DUKEStack O'Lee BluesVolume 3: Black Beauty1928instrumental jazz versionCD
ELLIS, SHIRLEYStagger LeeThe Name Game1965a very fun version of Lloyd Price's song - more entertaining than the usual covers. Shirley Ellis is best known for her huge hit "The Name Game." Vinyl
ENGLISH, LOGANStackerleeGambling Songs1957acoustic folk. liner notes says it's based on the Furry Lewis track with additional verses from various written sources.Vinyl
EXCELLO LEGENDSStagger LeeTennessee R n B1998recorded live by Clifford Curry, Roscoe Shelton & Earl Gaines.CDLogan - Price
FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDSStagger LeeWrap it Up1985actually from the "Porky's Revenge" soundtrack. Boring Lloyd Price cover.CD
FILLMORE SLIMStagger LeeFunky Mama's House2004mediocre blues version by this former pimp. yup, i said "former pimp."CDPublic Domain
FLEMONS, DOMStackoleeDance Tunes, Ballads and Blues2007based on the Furry Lewis version - fast, solo acoustic from this member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops.CDTrad. Arr. by D. Flemons
FOGHORN STRINGBANDStagger LeeWeiser Sunrise2005energetic bluegrass version. Liner notes says inspired by Round Peak Band's versionCD
FORD, TENNESSEE ERNIEStack-O-LeeAbsolutely the Best1951sounds like the clyde mccoy version. Country boogie-woogie.CD
FRANKLIN & HARPEStack O'Lee BluesDoin' The Dozens1998nice version inspired by John HurtCD
FRANKLIN, CORTEZ & POGAN, LENNIEStagoleeLong Road to Freedom: Anthology of Black Music1971nice version (includes beating the devil) from Harry Belafonte's epic collection of the history of Black music.CD
FREED, ALStagger LeePromenade Records EPprobably early 1960s, this is an EP with 6 tracks by various artists, all featuring "The Promenade Orchestra and Chorus." Lloyd Price cover, bad quality vinyl.Vinyl
FRUIT JAR GUZZLERSStack-O-LeeMy Rough and Rowdy Ways V. 11928CD
FULLER, JESSEStagoleeJazz, Folk Songs, Spirituals, & Blues1958based on John Hurt's version, this features a kazoo and the "fotdella" - a "foot-operated bass instrument." fascinating.CDTrad., arr. Jesse Fuller
FURTADO, TONYStaggerlee / Staggerlee RepriseAmerican Gyspy2002gentle slide guitar version with guitar. A little to adult contemporary to be dangerous. Album also ends with a short instrumental repriseCD
GALLERAN, TADGStagger LeeEven White Boys Get the Blues2001blues version of Lloyd Price's hit. the singer previously was in a band with Peter Tork, and in the 1960s he was in the Broadway version of Hair.CDLogan - Price
GARVIN, BERT & J.P & DANIELLE FRALEYStackoleeKentucky Old Time Banjo1997sounds like an old guy playing banjo. CD
GENO D.Stagger LeeKeep the Vibe Alive Vol. 2 (Bahamas)2000Geno D. (Eugene Davis) had a hit in the Bahamas with this upbeat but generally unmemorable version of Lloyd Price's hit. only interesting for the Bahamas-influenced rhythms.CDLogan - Price
GIB AND WAYNEStagger Leesingle1965sounds like a slightly more bluesy Everly Bros. either recorded live or has an audience dubbed in.CDLogan - Price
GILLEY, MICKEYStagger LeeOne and Only1986slick, overproduced smooth country. this is a real low point for our hero.VinylLogan - Price
GOMEZStag O' LeeBring It On - 10th Anniversary Edition1998from a 1998 BBC session. very nice.CD
GOOD TIME CHARLIEStagger Leesinglestarts with dogs barking and some dialogue. the label says 1931, but this is based on Lloyd Price's song. so i have no idea.VinylTrad. (Logan - Price)
GOODHUES, THEStaggerleeShort Time Here, Long Time Gone2005Pleasant version of the Robert Hunter/Grateful Dead song.CDRobert. Hunter - Jerry Garcia
GRABOW, SKIPStagoleeNot Just the Blues1998nice acoustic guitar/harmonica version.CDJohn Hurt
GRATEFUL DEADStagger LeeShakedown Street1978a little jazzy. The basic story as interpreted by Robert Hunter. CD
GRAY, HENRY (and The Cats)Stagger LeeThe Blues Won't Let Me Take My Rest (Live)1999Bluesy, piano-heavy live version. Pretty nice. CDLogan - Price
GRIFFIN, GEORGEStagger LeeThe Time Has Come1994very nice blues version.CDLogan - Price
GUITAR MAC & HIS BLUES EXPRESSStagger LeeGolden Soniferous2000energetic slide guitar version of Lloyd Price's song (despite the author credit).CDLloyd Price, John Hurt
GUTHRIE, WOODYStackoleeMuleskinner Blues1944Asch Recordings, Volume 2 CD
GUTHRIE, WOODYStack-O-LeeWorried Man Blues1931different/faster version than Asch recordings (date uncertain) CD
GUY, BILLYStagger LeeThe Tramp is Funky1972not sure what to say about this. the record is somewhere between stand-up comedy and proto-rap. Stagger Lee is listed on the sleeve but isn't really covered on the record.Vinyl
HAKANSON-STACY, MICHAELStagoleePearls and Stones1995acoustic version with very nice guitarCD
HALEY, EDStacker LeeForked Deer Volume 11947low-fi fiddle version CD
HALL, BOB & PEABODY, DAVEStagoleeRoll and Slide1984upbeat version based on John Hurt's song with boogie-woogie piano.CDTrad. arr. Hall/Peabody
HANDY, CAPTAIN JOHNStackoleeCapt. John Handy1966nice New Orleans instrumental version.CD
HARRIS, BLIND JESSEStagoleeField Recording V. 4: Mississippi & Alabama1940strange sparse version w/accordian? CD
HARRISON, WILBERTStagger LeeKansas City - The Best Of1969similar to Lloyd Price, only slower with piano and drumsCD
HENNESSY, CHRISTIEStagoleeThe Green Album1972sounds like a Hobbit version of Cat Stevens singing John Hurt.CDTrad. Arr. Christie Hennessy
HENRYStackoleeGet Your Ass in the Water and Swim Like Me!1965this is a toast recorded by a prisoner ("Henry") at the Ramsey prison farm. Recorded by Bruce Jackson as a companion to his book. CD
HILL TEDDY & the Southern SoulStagger Leesingleslowed down bluesy/soul version. nice. possibly british? i can't find any info.VinylLogan - Price
HILL, MICHAEL (MICHAEL HILL'S BLUES MOB)Stagolee/PerspectiveHave Mercy1996sort of jazz-fusion, I suppose. A mix of Stagolee and another song, making an anti-violence point, more or less. CD
HODES, ARTOld Stack O'Lee BluesMidnight Blue1987pleasant instrumental jazz version. CD
HOLT, JOHNStagger LeeRock 'N' Roll Reggae compilation1972fairly straightforward (and good) reggae version of the Lloyd Price song. CDLogan - Price
HOOKER, STEVEStagger Lee is BackStagger Lee is Back2006short instrumental - garage/rockabilly guitar.CDHooker S.
HOOPII, SOLStack O'Lee BluesMaster of the Hawaiian Guitar, Vol. 11928steel guitar instrumental CD
HOUSTON, CISCOStagoleeHard Travelin'1954Cisco's smooth baritone doing a version based on Furry Lewis's classicCD
HOWELL, STEVEStack O' LeeOut of the Past2006cover of John Hurt's song. pleasant playing, although a bit too smooth. but the voice doesn't quite fit.CD
HUGHES, GENE & the CasinosStagger LeeYesterday, Today and Tomorrow1976straightforward, nothing special.VinylLogan - Price
HUNTER, IVORY JOEStackoleeToo Late, Too Late Volume 101933Ivory Joe's first recording. Unlistenable quality CD
HUNTER, ROBERTDelia DeLyon and Stagger LeeJack O'Roses1980solo acoustic version by the lyricist for the Grateful Dead.Vinyl
HURT, MISSISSIPPI JOHNStack O'LeeAvalon Blues1928the classic CD
HURT, MISSISSIPPI JOHNStackoleeD.C. Blues1963another brilliant john hurt version. Follows stack to hell. CD
HURT, MISSISSIPPI JOHNStack-O-LeeLegend1963yet another nice john hurt track. CD
HURT, MISSISSIPPI JOHNStagoleeNewport Folk Festival 1963 - The Evening Concerts1963a nice live version by John Hurt.CDJohn Hurt
HUTCHISON, FRANKStackaleeAnthology of American Folk Music1927old school country blues CD
HUTCHISON, FRANKStackalee (instrumental)Worried Blues Boxset1927 CD
INSIDE STRAIGHT BLUES BANDStagger LeeStraight Up . . . Down and Dirty2002energetic live version by this Twin Cities band.CDLogan - Price
ISLEY BROTHERSStaggerleeLet's Go1963straightforward cover of Lloyd Price version, with young Jimi Hendrix on guitarCD
JACKSON, SAMUEL L.StackoleeBlack Snake Moan soundtrack2007with Kenny Brown, Luther Dickinson and Cedric Burnside. excellent full band blues by the famous actor and some associates of R.L. Burnside.CDTrad.
JAMES, NICKY (NICKY JAMES MOVEMENT)Stagger Leesingle1965cover of the Lloyd Price versionVinyl
JAMES, STEVEStack Lee's BluesBoom Chang2000slide guitar - first person narrative CD
JANSCH, BERTStagoleeYoung Man Blues1962nice acoustic version, somewhat low-fi.CD
JENSEN, LARRY (LARS)Stagger LeeCanadian Talent Library1982not very exciting version from Owen Sound, Ontario.VinylLogan - Price
JOHNSON, DONStagger LeeDonald Ray2000no, not *that* Don Johnson, but just another underwhelming version of Lloyd Price's song. CDLogan - Price
JOHNSON, STELLATrial of Stagger Lee, TheAn Introduction To: Night Train New Orleans1961date uncertain. Short but fun version, with the trial the focus of the story. The women chanting not guilty! CD
JOHNSON, TEX (and His Sixshooters)Stack O' LeeGunfighter Balladsbased on the Furry Lewis version. this version is also on the Coronet Records LP "Gunfighter - Ballads of the Badmen," but on that LP it isn't credited to any singer.CD
JONES, BOBStack-O-LeeNashville's Fiddlin' Manfrom a split LP with Bob Wills. based on the Furry Lewis version. probably from the 1960s.Vinyl
JONES, CURTISStackoleeLonesome Bedroom Blues1962piano blues CD
JONES, TOMStagger LeeThe Legendary Tom Jonesperfectly bland live version.CDTrad.
JOURNEYMENStackoleeNew Directions in Folk Music1963sets the story in New Orleans. Entertaining acoustic neo-folk version featuring John Phillips (Mamas & Papas) CD
JOYE, COL & the Joy BoysStagger LeeYes Sir, That's My Baby1958straightforward cover by an Australian star.CDLogan - Price
KEB' MO'Stack O LeeHoneydripper soundtrack2008nice. heavy Robert Johnson influence.CDTrad./arr. Keb' Mo'
KEIL ISLES, THEStagger LeeEarly Rock & Roll from New Zealand V. 1 & 2early 1960s version by this Samoan/New Zealand band. CDLogan - Price
KEIL, HERMA & the KEIL ISLESStagger LeeEarly Rock & Roll from New Zealand V. 9 & 101965second version by this Samoan/New Zealand band. a bit more upbeat than the earlier version.CDLogan - Price
KING, QUEEN, JACKStack-O-LeeIt's Hotter in Hawaii (box set)ukulele instrumental CD
KUEPPER, EDStagolee I & IIThe Exotic Mail Order Moods of . . .1997a continuing story over two tracks from this founder of the Saints CD
KWESKIN, JIMStagoleeFire at Club 471960uptempo live acoustic folk version (New Orleans "Lion's Club" version)CD
LABEEF, SLEEPYStagger LeeStrange Things Happening1994very conventional version of Lloyd Price. Singer has a very deep voice. Some nice piano. CD
LANCASTER, PETE & the UpsettersStagger LeeSmash! Boom! Bang!: Beat in Germany1966straightforward cover by the German band.CDLogan - Price
LANG, PETERStackoleeLycurgus1975short finger picked guitar instrumental. Nice. CD
LEDERMAN, PERRYStagoleeThe World is Not My Home1995acoustic instrumental version of John Hurt's classicCDJohn Hurt
LEE, JOE & His ComboStagger Leesingleearly 1960s instrumental from Arkansas.VinylLogan - Price
LEE, STAGThe Night Stagger Lee Came to TownThose Rock and Roll Answer Songs V. 3a lo-fi "answer song" to Stagger Lee, narrated by the man himself. nothing special.CD
LESTER, JULIUSStagoleeDressed Like Freedom1965this is one of the all-time greats. a 13-minute long epic with long spoken sections, telling of Stagolee's dealings with death, heaven and hell. brilliant.CDJulius Lester
LEWIS, FURRYBilly Lyons and StackoleeMemphis Masters1927"when you lose your money, learn to lose" and talks about "richard lee." this version is the inpiraton for several other versions.CD
LEWIS, HUEYStagger LeeFour Chords & Several Years Ago1994dull, by the numbers version of Lloyd Price's hit.CDLogan - Price
LONESOME VALLEY SINGERSStack-O-LeeSongs of the Trailalmost identical to the "Tex Johnson" version, but slightly different instrumentation. sounds like the same singer, for at least the third time.Vinyl
LOPEZ, TRINIStagger LeeLive at Basin St. East1964live version, nothing specialCDLogan - Price
MADURAStagger LeeMadura II1973some interesting playing by this rock/fusion band.VinylLogan - Price
MAGIC DIRTStagger LeeEmergency Music 001 EP2006female vocals and noise galore on this Australian band's cover of Nick Cave's gem.CDN. Cave
MAHAL, TAJStagger LeeDe Ole Folks At Home1969 CD
MAHAL, TAJStagger LeeJamie Oldaker's Mad Dogs & Okies2005nice version featuring Willis Alan Ramsey on guitar.CDLogan - Price
MASON & HUNDTStagger LeeMason & Hundt2002nice acoustic blues with talking/singing.CDTrad. arr. by Mason
MASON, BOBBYStagger LeeLaid Back Up Front2004blues rock cover of Lloyd Price's hit. not very unique but not bad.CDLogan - Price
MASTERSON, AXEStack O'Lee BluesBack Porch Serenade2007harmonica, vocals and some really pretty slide guitar. based on Mississippi John Hurt's version. really nice.CD
MAXEY, HOGMANStagoleeAngola Prisoners' Blues1952acousticCD
McCOY, CLYDE w/BILLIE JANE BENNETTStack-O-Leesingle1951jazzy, big band version with female vocals - Stag takes over hellVinyl
McCOYS, THEStagger LeeHang On Sloopy/You Make Me Feel So Good1966a nothing-special cover of Lloyd Price's song.CDLogan - Price
McCURDY, EDStackerleeBlood, Booze 'n Bones1956based on the Furry Lewis version. very nice.Vinyl
McDEVITT, CHAS (CHAS McDEVITT'S SKIFFLE GROUP)Badman Stack-O-LeeBest of Skiffle box CD 11957great skiffle version. Unusual tune and words.CD
MCGUIRL, EDStaggerleeIdes of Blue2002This is good fun. Great, energetic vocals on an a sparse but upbeat track. Really nice.CDTrad.
McTELL, RALPHStagoleeNational Treasure2002acoustic blues, British singerCD
MELCHER, TERRYStagger LeeTerry Melcher1974mellow 1970s singer-songwriter version by Doris Day's son.CDLogan - Price
MEMPHIS SLIMStackaleeBroken Soul Blues1961slow, traditional blues versionCD
MEMPHIS SLIM, SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON, & BIG BILL BROONZYStagoleeAlan Lomax: Popular Songbook1947harmonica, piano, and stand-up bassCD
MILLER, DALEStagger LeeFinger Picking Rags and Other Delights1974short, nice acoustic instrumentalCD
MILLER, DAVIDThat Bad Man StackoleeMy Rough and Rowdy Ways V. 2CD
MODERN LIFE IS WARStagger LeeMidnight in America2007metal/hard core version. some elements of the story remain but mostly this is original and interesting.CD
MOELLER, JOHNNYStagger LeeJohnny's Blues Aggregation2001Texas blues version of Lloyd Price's song.CDLogan - Price
MOORE, DEACON JOHNStagger LeeDeacon John's Jump Blues2003Short solo acoustic version from a concert film.DVD
MOORE, RUDY RAYStack-A-LeeRaw, Rude and Real1972wow. A spoken, somewhat rhyming rant from the man who was Dolemite. A definite influence on the Nick Cave version.CD
MOREY, FRANKStack O'LeeThe Delmark Session2002loose folk/blues version. Also includes a verse or two from "Delia". Singer sounds like Tom WaitsCD
MORREL, TOM & the Time Warp TophandsStack-O-LeeGo Uptown - How the West Was Swung V. 51994modern western swing version. Sounds like the Clyde McCoy version.CD
MOUSTIQUEStagger LeeTwistin' the Rock!1963nice version of the Lloyd Price song sung in French.CDPrice - M. Merane
MURATORS, LESStagger LeeGolf Drouot Special1968version in English, but with a strong French accent. this comes from a compilation LP celebrating a Paris nightclub.VinylLogan - Price
MURPHY, E. FRANKStagger LeeOld Circuit Riders1995remastered and re-released in 2001. standard lloyd price version with lots of sax. i can do without this. CDLogan - Price
NELSON, SANDYStagger LeeThe Best of the Beats1963instrumental version from this rock and roll drummer.VinylLogan - Price
NEW BLACK EAGLE JAZZ BAND, THEOld Stack O'Lee BluesClassic Jazz1978nice version of Sidney Bechet's jazz instrumental.CDSidney Bechet
NEW HOT FROGS (and PAT YANKEE)Stack O'Lee BluesTogether At Last1992instrumental jazz version of Sidney Bechet song. CD
NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERSStackerleeVolume 41962has a lot in common with the 1928 John Hurt version, but with some additional versesCD
NOBLE, RAY and his OrchestraStack O' Lee BluesLive 19351935Live with Fred WaringCD
NOBODY'S MULEStagger Lee ReduxBlue Mule Standing Alone2014the vocals are a bit mostly spoken and a little ridiculous. not super great bluesy version. but it does have a great vocal part - "boom boom boom boom." CD
NUNEZ, MICHAEL JUANStagger leeMichael Juan Nunez2001acoustic version from this Louisiana singer.CDTrad. Arr. M.J. Nunez
O'BRIEN, TIM & MOLLIEStagger LeeRemember Me1992folk/bluegrass version that starts with Stag's birthCD
O'DONNELL'S, KEVIN (QUALITY SIX)Stack O'LeeHeretic Blues1999fun jazzy track with Andrew Bird singing (violin, bass, sax, trombone, guitar)CD
O'KEEFE, JOHNNYStagger LeeThe Explosive Johnny O'Keefe19641964 or 65 live version by this Australian rock star (recorded for tv).CDLogan - Price
OBSCENITY, DR.StackoleeSuppressed Classics and Bawdy Parodies in American Music1978mostly based on John Hurt's version but with a lot more "ass" and "fuck" thrown in. and imagines Stack's girl as a whore trying to get bail for him. interesting, but also a little dull.CDTrad.
OLA & THE JANGLERSStag-O-Lee7"1969energetic organ-driven version by this Danish group.VinylTrad. arr. Claes af Geijerstam
OTIS, JOHNNYGreat Stack A Lee, TheCold Shot1969this is the basis for the Nick Cave version - the lyrics, at least. the music is upbeat blues/soul, heavy on the pianoCD
PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRICStaggoleeAre You Ready1970blues rock with a bit of a groove. Reminds me of Canned HeatCD
PAPA BUE'S VIKING JAZZBANDStack O'Lee BluesDown by the Riverside1971instrumental jazz versionCD
PATTERSON, UNCLE JOHNStagolee Was a BullyFolk Visions and Voices, Vol. 2 (North Georgia)1978Banjo version with only two verses. Refers to "Bull Lyons"CD
PAVAGEAU, ALCIDE "SLOW DRAG"Stack O'Lee BluesDrag's Half Fast Jazz Band1950uncertain about the date. Instrumental jazz, but the tune has more in common with "Frankie and Johnnie"Vinyl
PEART, DOUG (The Doug Peart Blues Machine)Stagger LeeAre You Addicted?2006Canadian blues band.CDLogan - Price
PICKETT, WILSONStagger LeeI'm in Love1968cover of the Lloyd Price versionCD
PRATT, BOBBY & the RockersStagger LeeWildcat Jamboree!1959mediocre live version from a rockabilly radio broadcast from Corinth, Mississippi.CDLogan - Price
PRESLEY, ELVISStagger LeeCulver City1970short live version of Lloyd Price's version. he changes some lyrics . . . "very horny wife," "screw Stagger Lee," etc.CD
PRICE, LEO (Leo Price Orchestra)Stag-O-Leesingleinstrumental version from Lloyd's younger brother. the music is not the backing track to Lloyd's hit.Vinylarr. Leo Price
PRICE, LLOYDStagger LeeGreatest Hits - Original ABC-Paramount Recordings1958the big pop hit - most rock versions come from this one.CDLogan - Price
PRICE, LLOYDStagger Lee (Bandstand Version)Greatest Hits - Original ABC-Paramount Recordings1958a nice and friendly version, recorded because Lloyd's original was too violent. the 1950s were a funny time.CDLogan - Price
PRICE, LLOYDStagger Lee '8912" single1989Lloyd re-recorded his classic in 1989. includes some melody bits from Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and some dreary attempts at rap. 12" single includes a short version and an extended version. i spent the money and listened to it. now let us never speak of this again.VinylLogan - Price
PRIDE, CHARLEYStagger LeeThe Power of Love1984uninspired cover of Lloyd Price.Vinyl
PROBY, PJStagger leesingle1964nice rock cover of Lloyd PriceVinyl
PROFESSOR LONGHAIRStag-O-LeeRock 'N' Roll Gumbo1974CD
PROFESSOR LONGHAIRStagger LeeBig Chief1978uncertain about the date CD
PROFESSOR LONGHAIRStack-O-LeeBall the Wall! Live at Tipitina's 19781978nice live rendition of Longhair's version. doesn't add too much. CD
QUINTET, THEStagger LeeFuture Tense1971standard boring Lloyd Price cover from Doug Sahm's backup band CD
RAINEY, MAStack O'Lee BluesThe Essential1926has some "Frankie and Johnny" lyricsCD
RAND, LEEStagger LeeSingle1964fun version of Lloyd Price's hit. handclaps and assorted live sounds. from Lee Rand, the pride of Lorain, Ohio.VinylArchibald, Logan, Price
REA, DAVIDStagger Lee and BillySlewfoot1973cover of Ike Turner's version by session musician turned folk-rocker. Bob Weir produced and played guitar.VinylIke Turner
RED LEMON ELECTRIC BLUES BANDStagger LeeWho Shot Billy1987cheesy wedding band version from this British group.VinylTrad. arr. Red Lemons
REVELS, DON and the PRIMETTESReturn of Stagger LeeThe Soul of Detroit (compilation)1961date uncertain. "hey jack, stagger lee is back" . . . and he's behaving. Back-up singers became the SupremesCD
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERSStagger LeeThe Collection1966cover of the Lloyd Price versionCD
RITTER, JOSHFolk BloodbathSo Runs The World Away2010very clever and entertaining song that mixes together the stories of Louis Collins, Delia and Stack. awesome.CDHurt, Ritter, Traditional
RIVERS, ALStaggerleeRags & Riches2005some Down Home Boys and some other songs all mixed together - see David Lightbourne's Stop and Listen Boys version. very nice version with great vocals. CD
RIVERS, JOHNNYStagger LeeMeanwhile Back at the Whisky A Go Go1965straightforward live version.CDLogan - Price
ROBINSON, ROSSStackoleeLive at the Hardware Cafe2001lo-fi live version from a club in Massachusetts. pretty straightforward.CDTrad. J. Hurt
ROBISON, CARSON and his PioneersStackolee Blues Pts. 1 & 2Going Back to Texas1932great long story song broken into two parts (two sides of a record, originally) CD
RODRIGUEZ, JOHNNYStagger LeeThe Gypsy1980boring, bland Lloyd Price coverVinyl
ROE, TOMMYStagger LeeTommy Roe's Greatest Hits1971uninspired and uninspiring.CD
ROOFTOP SINGERS, THEStagoleeWalk Right In1963set in the New Orlean's "Lion's Club."CDSvanoe
ROSENCRANS, TOM & MYERS, NATEStack O'Lee BluesSit Back, Relax2007Tom Rosencrans and Nate Myers with a nice version of Mississippi John Hurt's classic. Nothing too original, but still quite nice.CD
RULERS, THEWrong 'Em BoyoAll Night Dance: Trojan Records1966ska/reggae/rocksteady version - later covered by The ClashCD
RUSH, TOMStackerleeBlues, Songs and Ballads1963CD
RUSSO, MIKEStack O'LeeMike Russo1969piano blues versionVinyl
RYDELL, BOBBYStagger LeeThe Best of Bobby Rydell1983simply awful.CDLogan - Price
SAM THE SHAMStagger LeeTen of Pentacles1967a cover of the Lloyd Price song. a few Sam yelps and some nice saxophone, but this is a pretty subdued and standard cover.VinylLogan - Price
SARAGOSSA BANDStaggar-LeeDas Totale ZaZaZabadak1982dreadful minute long Lloyd Price cover (with some confused lyrics) from this German "party" band.CDTrad.
SATAN & ADAMStagga LeeLiving on the River1998upbeat blues based version with harmonicaCD
SAVAGE ROSE, THEStagolee's VictoryBabylon1972big psychedelic soul version - from a female-fronted Danish band! CD
SEEGER, PETEStagoleeAmerican Favorite Ballads V. 21958banjo version CD
SENTER, BOYDOriginal Stackoo' Lee BluesJazzologist Supreme1928instrumental jazz version CD
SHANTY BAND, THEStagger LeeThis Old Shack2004"You better not go out alone...Stagger Lee's back in town!" Fun, original song. Maybe not great, but it is nice to hear a new take on the classic.CDThe Shanty Band
SHIZZOE, HANKStagger LeeLow Budget1991A Swiss singer (the song is in English). Country, blues, whateverCD
SIMPSON, MARTINStagoleeTrue Stories2009nice British folk version with banjo and accordion.CDTrad. Arr. Martin Simpson
SIR DOUGLAS QUINTETStagger LeeSoul Jam1987sounds live - probably from 1987 or 1988. don't know for sure. CD
SKYStagger LeeThe Radio 1 Club Live1970live on BBC Radio 1 on December 14, 1970.CD
SOPRANO SUMMIT (Kenny Davern & Bob Wilber)Old Stack O'Lee BluesLive in England1976recorded October 12, 1976. nice long version of the jazz instrumental.CDTrad. arranged by Bob Wilber and Kenny Davern
SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE ASBURY JUKESStagger LeeLive - Reach Up and Touch the Sky1981seven-plus minute live bar band version.VinylLogan - Price
SPENCER & SPENCERStagger LawrenceThe Flying Saucer!1961this is a "break in" record by Dickie Goodman, which combines Lloyd Price's song with a parody of Lawrence Welk. CD
SPOTNICKS, THEStagger LeeRare Collection1966organ dominated cover of Lloyd Price by this Swedish group.CDLogan - Price
SPREE CITY STOMPERSOld Stack O'Lee BluesJazz Meetingpleasant enough version of the Sidney Bechet instrumental. the album is a German compilation of a few different jazz bands.VinylSidney Bechet
STAGGER LEEPoor Man's Stagger LeeNashville Starfucker2007has little to do with the original story, but it's a fun country-blues song. yes, the guy/band's name is Stagger Lee.CD
STAGGERS, THEStagger LeeThe Sights, the Sounds, the Fear & the Pain1999garage/rockabilly version of Lloyd Price. CD
STANLEY, RALPHStack O'LeeRalph Stanley - bonus disc2002old man Ralph Stanley performs a great version of John Hurt's song.CD
STOP & LISTEN BOYS (DAVID LIGHTBOURNE'S)StaggerleeMonkey Junk2000nasal voice acoustic guitar blues CD
STORMYStagger LeeStormy Performed by Ryo Tachihara & MAKI1996two Japanese women take on stagger lee. apparently based on Ike and Tina Turner's version, or so say the credits. the music is pretty decent; the vocals are generally OK, considering the heavily accented English. but overall it's kind of dreadful.CDIke and Tina Turner
STRING CHEESE INCIDENT, THEStagger LeeOn the Road 07-02-06 Red Rocks2006live version with Taj Mahal.CD
STUART, ALICEStackerleeAll The Good Times1964acoustic folk version. Similar but not identical to Missisippi JH's version. CD
SUFFET, STEVEStagoleeFolksinger's Fancy2013featuring Anne Price. live version - quiet acoustic guitar and some over-loud vocals. fine, not too exciting.CDTrad., arrangement Steve Suffet
SUNSHINE, MONTY (Monty Sunshine's Jazzband)Old Stag-O-LeeLittle Liza Jane1980instrumental jazz with plenty of clarinet.VinylTrad. arrangement Monty Sunshine
TERRY, SONNYStackoleeComplete Recorded Works1944acoustic, uptempo versionCD
THREADGILL'S TROUBADOURSStagger LeeThreadgill's Supper Session1991live version, fronted by Champ Hood, featuring a bunch of other people. Fun version of Lloyd Price's song. CD
THROUGH A GLASS DARKLYStagger LeeDouble Standard2013mostly spoken vocals, kind of a George Thorogood/ZZ Top vibe to the music. kind of fun.CD
TIN CUP SERENADEStack O'Lee BluesTin Cup Serenade2008written by Ray Lopez & Lew Colwell way back in 1924. this is a really nice jazz (with vocals) version from 2008. CDLopez - Colwell
TRAVIS, MERLEStack O' LeeIn the Jailhouse Nowsupposed to be bluegrass, but really just a mid-tempo acoustic guitar track. CD
TROJANS, THE (w/PRINCE BUSTER)Stack O LeeTrojan Warriors1989mildly ska version. Just over 6 minutes. CD
TROJANS, THE (w/PRINCE BUSTER)Stack-O-Dub12" Vinyl single1989mildly ska version. Mostly instrumental, with a few lyrics thrown in. CD
TURNER, IKE & TINAStagger Lee and BillyGreatest Hits (1969 Curb Records)1965unfamiliar story, some great Ike playing CD
TURNER, TITUSReturn of StagoleeKing Rock 'N' Roll Volume 21959a great answer to Lloyd Price. CD
V.I.P.s, THEStagger Lee7" single1967excellent, energetic cover of Lloyd Price's hit. great guitar and keyboards. features Keith Emerson (of ELP, etc.) and Luther Grosvenor of Spooky Tooth and Mott the Hoople.VinylPrice - Logan
VAN RONK, DAVEStackerleeInside Dave Van Ronk1962very cool raspy voice, acoustic guitar version. Lyrics are not the standard story.CD
VAN RONK, DAVEStack-O-LeeOn Air1993live in Germany, January 19, 1993. excellent live recording from the great Dave Van Ronk.CDTrad.
VEE, BOBBYStagger LeeRarities1962outtake (i believe) from the album "Bobby Vee Meets the Crickets" from 1962. Lloyd Price cover with a Buddy Holly-ish soundCDLogan-Price
VENTURES, THEStagger LeeIn the Vaults Vol. 21963instrumental surf guitar version. CD
VONDELS, THEStagger Leesingle1960s-era garage rock out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. some nice organ and horn, but not too exciting otherwise.VinylLogan - Price
WALKER, LITTLE TOBYStack O'LeeLittle Toby Walker2001a nice acoustic blues version. Good guitar CD
WALKER, MARGARETStackaleeAnthology of Negro Poets1954spoken poetry version CD
WALKER, ROBERT "BILBO"Stagger LeeRock the Night2000Live version from Chicago, 2000. Mid-tempo bluesy version. Nothing special.CD
WARING, FREDStack O'Lee BluesThe Fred Waring Memorial Album1928nice jazz version CD
WASHBOARD CHAZ BLUES TRIOStagoleeDog Days2004washboard! Brilliant. CD
WASHINGTON B. BAND, THEStagger LeeThe Real Ghostrider 12" single1985smooth jazz with Casio-sounding keyboards. dreadful.VinylTraditional
WATSON, DOC & MERLEStack O'LeeBallads from Deep Gap1967great acoustic bluegrass version. sort of bluegrass-lite, really.CD
WAYSIDE TRIO, THEStagoleeThe Winners1964long title: "The Winners - California State Fair Exposition." the liner notes refer to them as the "top college folk singing group in California." pleasant enough folk version.Vinyl
WELLER, FREDDYStagger LeeThe Promised Land1972boring Lloyd Price cover from a Paul Revere & the Raiders guitarist CD
WELLS, MARYStag-O-LeeServin' Up Some Soul1968slow and smooth - tells the story from the perspective of Billy's woman. CD
WHELAN, PATRICKStagoleeOld City Sessions2002acoustic cover of the John Hurt version. CD
WHITLEY, CHRIS & LANG, JEFFStagger LeeDislocation Blues2006seven minute version with awesome acoustic lap steel playing.CDTrad. arr. Lang/Whitley
WIDESPREAD PANICStag-O-Lee10/12/07 Loveland, CO Official SBD2007piano-driven jam band version. some nice playing.CD
WIEDOEFT, HERB (HERB WIEDOEFT'S CINDERELLA ROOF ORCHESTRA)Stack O' Lee BluesThe Herb Wiedoeft/Jesse Staffod Orchestra 1922-19301924nice early jazz version. the liner notes acknowledge that Lopez and Colwell copyrighted the song but didn't necessarily write it.CDRay Lopez and Lew Colwell
WILLIE AND THE POOR BOYSStagger LeeTear it Up - Live1992live rock version from Bill Wyman and co. CD
WILSON, LARRY JONStagger LeeSojourner1979disco country?!? Vinyl
WINSLOW, TOM GRIFFINStagoleeInner Octaves1978very straightforward cover of John Hurt's song.CDTrad. - John Hurt
WISEGUYS INTL., THEStagger LeeAbbey Road Sessions2001straigtforward bar band-type cover of Lloyd Price's song. Lots of saxophone. CDLogan - Price
YOUNGBLOODS, THEStagger LeeGood and Dusty1971country/folk version of Lloyd Price's hit. Pleasant enough. CD
ZEMAREL, ZIM and his OrchestraStagger LeeBig Band Swing1991as the album title says. Nothing too exciting. CD