Dave's Stagger Lee Database
Total: 324 Stagger Lees
ALLAIR, JOHNStack-O-LeeLarkspur1988slow, then upbeat elaborate piano background with vocals from Van Morrison's pianist. Nice.CD
AMEN CORNER, THEOutro: Stag-O-Lee (live)If Paradise Was Half As Nice1969barely recognizable, this is a live recording with enthusiastic music and someone yelling "stag-o-lee" several times. the band features Andy Fairweather-Low CDLogan - Price
ANDREWS, BENStagoleeGallows Pole2001nice take on John Hurt's song. good energy, nice playing. the cd also includes a spectacular 11-minute version of Gallows Pole.CDTrad. J. Hurt
ARCARI, DAVEStagoleeVol. 1: Something Old, Something Borrowed2006a great voice and some nice acoustic guitar from this Glasgow bluesman. fantastic stuff.CDTrad./Hurt
ARCHIBALDStack-A-Lee, Parts 1&2Carnival Day - Essential New Orleans R&B1950first mainstream hit, with a long instrumental endingCD
ASBELL, PAULStack-A-LeeSteel String Americana2002the artist credits the lyrics to the "Louisiana side of the family." there's a bulldog, a broken glass and the devil. good version with some really nice acoustic guitar.CDTrad.
BACHELOR'S TWO, THEStag-O-Leesingleno info about this one - probably early or mid-60s. Lloyd Price's song with some fun organ playing.VinylLogan - Price
BACKDROPS, THEStagger LeeDelta End200360s-garage style (Troggs, etc) Japanese version. the lyrics are a mystery to me but they definitely yell "Stagger Lee" quite a bit. fun!CD
BAKER, MICKEYStack O'LeeBlues and Jazz Guitar1977nice folk/blues version from half of "Mickey and Sylvia"Vinyl
BALLERO, JIMMYStagger LeeAnd the Renegade Band1992not terribly exciting version with a long sax soloCD
BAMAStackerleePrison Songs V. 1: Murderous Home1947very creepy a cappella version from inside a prisonCD
BANJO DAN & THE MID-NITE PLOYBOYSStagoleeSome Rust, Runs Good2000bluegrass version of Lloyd Price's version. good fun.CDTrad., adapted by Banjo Dan
BARNES, JIMMYBand Introduction (Stagger Lee)Soul Deeper - Live at the Basement2000eight + minutes, with much of the time taken up with band introductions over Stagger Lee music. Barnes eventually sings the Lloyd Price song.CDLogan - Price
BARNES, JIMMYStagger LeeSoul Deep1995uneventful live version by this Australian singer.CDLogan - Price
BARR, RICO & Jump 'n' Jive ReviewStagger LeeThis Is It2008perfectly bland swing/wedding band version.CD
BARTHOLOMEW, DAVESon of Stagger LeeNew Orleans Big Beat1993Recorded between 1993 & 1997. The story doesn't have much to do with the original.CD
BASSHOLESStack O LeeThe Secret Strength of Depression1997live at a radio station. Blistering guitar.CD
BASSHOLESStack O'LeeOut in the Treetops2003strange, high pitched vocals - guitar and percussionCD
BASSHOLESStack O'Lee and Billy LyonsBlue Roots1992raw, lo-fi guitar and vocals version. Sort of White Stripes-esque. AwesomeCD
BEANLANDStagger LeeBeanland1990nice rock version, good piano piece at its coreCD
BECHET, SIDNEYOld Stack O'Lee BluesThe Best of Sidney Bechet1946instrumental jazz versionCD
BECKStagoleeAvalon Blues - Tribute2001tribute to Mississippi John HurtCD
BERMUDA TRIANGELStagger Leesingle1977Female German group (German spelling of "triangle"). A disco version!Vinyl
BILLY'S BANDStagger LeeBeing Tom Waits2002rap version, more or less inspired by Nick Cave's version, by this Russian band with a Tom Waits fixation.CD
BLACK FURIES, THEStagger LeeDeath Trip Saturday Night2005a San Francisco-based punk band. this version bears no resemblance to any other I've heard; the lyrics mention something about a Cadillac and a "killer in the night," but I don't hear much of the Stagger Lee story in here.CDBlack Furies

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